Welcome to SHO

SHO is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit seeking. Organization whose mission is to upgrade the living standard of rural/urban community in the target area by providing technical assistance to the small-scale farmers, water and sanitation for rural community. The Organization has its own written policies and procedures, e.g. financial policy, personnel policies and by laws etc. The Organization has also its own strategic plans for the project wise.

Strategic plan of the organization
The strategic planning process built on a range of internal and external member and stakeholder evaluations and contextual developments in the past few years (in particular changes to the operating environment and international engagement with in Somalia. It has also coincided with significant political changes in Somalia including the establishment of a government deemed more representative and the commencement of the ‘New budget year for Somalia 2019’ which was present an opportunity for better engagement and improved working relations with the Somalia national government, international donors and the UN to ensure coherence between humanitarian interventions and longer-term development strategies.

To be recognized as a center of excellence world-wide in Striving to ultimately see a healthy, stable and economical strong Somali society through education and advocacy.

To offer well thought out and precise solutions that focus on problem at hand by continuously focusing on environmental sound interventions, equity, health, good governance, justice, democracy and human rights.


  • To increase knowledge and understanding of Food security & Livelihood Support Program towards community sustainability.
  • To promotion awareness of the relevant legislation and the roles and functions of existing agencies working towards Environment & Climate change
  • To identify the associations between Conflict resolution and peace building in the post war areas and affected individuals.
  • To encourage beneficiaries to adapt to non-violent behaviour and to encourage peaceful means of resolving conflicts and stimulating healthy life styles.
  • To build the capacity of community members and community leaders to raise awareness of and Emergency Response thereby leading to the sustainability of disaster prevention and alleviation activities all over the country.
  • To introduce age-appropriate and culturally sensitive training and education materials to promote Support Good Governance and Democracy with in the country.
  • To Work with local communities and encourage management practices that conserve local natural resources.
  • To promote Youth development programs particularly self-reliance services   and own production through providing incentive micro-projects like small business enterprises to upgrade in economic wise.
  • To promote a human rights culture as well as peace promotion    through awareness raising, mobilization. Empowerment through eradication of marginalized community, IDPs, women, children, CBOs, involved Local NGOs and the governmental institutions/agencies law enforcement in order to protect the rights of Human beings.
  • To improve the rights of women focusing on the issues such as female genital mutilations FGM, and other forms of discriminations against girls and women.

The Organization core value
 Transparency
 Networking in support of peace and human rights
 Accountability
 Credibility
 Commitment and trust
 Performance and team working
 Peace culture and pluralism
Final goal of the Organization
To empower the community different classes to standardized level in COM formality with the global community development programs. Activities
 Needs assessments
 Community mobilization
 Capacity building training and other forms of knowledge transfers
 Advocacy
 Humanitarian assistance
 Lobbying
 Networking
 Research
 Information dissemination
 Conflict resolution
 Community engagement and dialogues
 Participatory project implementation and M&E.
Funds resources:
The organization fund sources are:
a) Membership fee
b) Local charity gives
c) Monthly fund raising by members
d) Open to any local or international organizations whose objectives may confirm with that of the Organization (SHO).


Hard Work

Pure Love

Smart Ideas

Good Decisions

We love to help all others that have problems in the world. After 15 years we have more goals achieved.

Implementation of Health Centres responsibilities as provided in the protection policy paper, supplementary guidance.

Help us so we can help others